GUI / NRT Setup?

Hello all,
i was wondering whether GUIs could also be used for setting parameters in a Pattern.asScore for NRT synthesis?
It seems GUIs examples so far always presume a realtime context. The GUI itself surely would have to stand outside the NRT code. My question would be how ideally incorporate a GUI within an NRT setup (working with Patterns).
If anyone has experience or ideas with this, id be happy to hear about it!

You could use a GUI to define information (including sequences, modulation curves etc) to be rendered into a Score.

The Score is provided all at once to the NRT server – prepared in advance and then rendered in a batch style job. All of the information must go into the score in advance – hence there’s no possibility of interaction during rendering.

GUIs by definition are about interaction – because NRT rendering is never interactive, then the typical uses of GUIs aren’t compatible with NRT. There is literally no way to tweak a knob during NRT rendering and have it affect the sound. This would be why you don’t see a lot of NRT GUI examples.


Hi James,
thanks! yes i thought that the parameters would be set beforehand in the pattern so excluding interaction.
i was imagining something like a vargui in which instead of a play button there would be a „render“ one. im not clear though on how to setup/run the gui so that the nrt/pattern score catches the set parameters and can be executed by the gui itself…

Sure… though I can’t give specific advice here because I don’t use vargui, so I don’t know its design or the nature of the data represented in it.

“Executed by the GUI” is the easy part: the button has an action function, and this function should invoke code that will produce the score and render it.

“Produce the score” is the hard part. Again, I have zero idea what kind of logic is behind the play button that you mention, so I can’t be specific. I’d have to assume that you chose the parameters to display in the vargui and you decided the relationship between the parameters and the sounding events, and the score generation logic follows from that.

Algorithmic generation of Synth messages and Generating NRT scores from patterns illustrate a couple of ways to populate a score. With patterns, you could also do asScore on multiple patterns separately, merge the messages into a single array and sort them, which may be easier than requiring one massive Ppar.


Yes, it seems like NRT and GUI bridging still needs some extra thinking, but I’m sure eventually it should be possible to have tho GUI parameters in the score.
It’s just that the GUI will have to run (to set the parameters in the Pattern) before the Score is read (with the NRT execution)

Thank you for helping out,