Hadron editor for SC


i built an editor/ide for supercollider for my own stuff called Hadron. it’s for macos and windows. maybe you ppl want to check it out: https://github.com/htor/hadron-editor.

it’s really simple, has only one “tab” for editing, a help browser, post window and basic editing capabilites. i built it mainly because i wanted to style the help browser a little cleaner, so i ended up framing the help browser into an own application. i think it can be suited well for learning sc and such.
most likely there are bugs, but i’ve not experienced major issues in my setup yet.

installation instructions here: https://github.com/htor/hadron-editor#installation



Looks really nice!! Really good job! Are you planning porting it to linux and windows as well ?

thanks! yes. porting to windows and linux is on the todo. i just need a windows+linux machine and do the packaging over there. i’ll post something here when get around to do that.

so i got around to porting it to windows.
version 1 for mac and windows is released, with DMG and EXE installers.

check it out!

I couldn’t try it yet because I don’t have a Mac with me…
But I wonder: if your goal is to style the Help Browser, couldn’t you do it just by tweaking its css file? that would make it soo much easy to port (it would be already ported :slight_smile: )!

It looks great by the way!

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yeah, i could tweak the help browser with a css file, but some tweaks are not possible with css like i wanted to move some elements in the help browser around, plus i wanted a less verbose post window, better (not broken) support for evaluating code in the help browser, some other code editing capabilites and such. and nice looking dark mode. on top of my head. cheers!

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