Hardware limiter

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What about a hardware limiter for such audio workshops? Would this be a good solution? Any advise for hardware? How about small mixers?

what about a dirty one so people get aural feedback? a passive one is possible, a few clipping diodes followed by a voltage divider (with a pot) so it never goes loud :slight_smile:

sorry I couldn’t resist

The joke would have been better if there was also a more serious answer attached to it. :slight_smile:

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SafetyNet Quark is a pretty good solution on the software side. Hardware limiter is not necessary compared to any other audio source, I think.

It’s not only about Supercollider but also other software. That’s why I’m thinking about a hardware limiter.

Let’s say every audio is routed via a mixer with a limiter, so children can use headphones safely.

If safety is the priority, think if you need headphones, because this context with several software just adds to the risks. A limiter will just catch extreme audio peaks, it will not smooth out relative differences in loudness.

Not sure if such a music lesson / workshop works without headphones…

Here they use headphones