Hello in Which Form is Coyote aviable

Dear Community,
I have read about the UGen Coyote.
This Function should estimate the Onsets of Sounds.
So this function would be fine, for my project for a Synth Supercollider Script which could Estimate a Midi Voice out of a WAV-File. This Solution should esay work for a Monophone esay Sound out of any complex Harmony or Rhythm.
And I have read a lot of this UGen. But when I try to call this UGen in my Supercollider 3.10 IDE the Answer from the IDE is that Coyote is not knowing.
So this leads me to the Question Is and when IN WHICH FORM is COYOTE AVIABLE.

In thanks for any enlightenment in advance


Coyote is in the SC3 Plugins. Do you have that package installed?



thanks have Installed this Packages by Synaptic on Linux.
So now the Supercollider IDE knows about the Coyote UGEN.

Thanks from a now happy

CreCo :grin: :grin: :grin: