Help making didgeridoo-like sound with pulsating drone-like overlapping tones

Hi, I’m new to making sounds with SuperCollider and synths. I have watched some tutorials but haven’t grasped the whole range of parameters for tweaking a sound in the direction I want it to go. For that reason I try to use chatGPT for generating some initial code to then tweak. I was curious about making something like a didgeridoo but I haven’t gotten to a point where the warbling and overlapping sounds sort of pulse and “drone” somewhat. So what’s is a good approach for generating something that sounds like a didgeridoo in SuperCollider?

I have the following code that I adapted from something that sounded like the whining sound in Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Blow Your Head. I changed some of the frequencies, values in the adsr envelope and durations. The sound seems too flat and the tone still feels very off. I think I also lack the vocabulary to describe all the other things that also sound off. For now it just sounds too metallic and alien where as a didgeridoo is somehow “earthy” and soulful.

SynthDef(\didgeridoo, {
	| ffreq = 100, duration = 15 |
	var freq = * ffreq + 100;
    var env =, 0.01, 0.63, 0.5), doneAction:2);
    var filt =, 0.2), 250, 0.2);
	var amp = env *, 0, duration, doneAction:2);
    var sig = filt * amp * 0.9; //0.8 reduces overall volume
	var panned =, [-1,1]);
	panned =;, panned);


g = fork {
        16 do: { arg i, j;
            Synth(\didgeridoo, [ \ffreq, 200+i*1.2, \duration, 15]);

Thanks for any orientation and direction on what path to explore or online resources to refer to.