HelpDocs Examples License

I was looking at the HelpDocs Licensing Page and noticed that it said:

“Executable SuperCollider code remains under the GPL as stated in SuperCollider’s main license conditions.”

That got me wondering, since the examples in the HelpDocs are executable code, are they licensed under GPL 3.0 or CC-BY-SA-3? For example, what license would this be under? I know it’s embedded into a document licensed under CC-BY-SA-3, but as mentioned above, “Executable SuperCollider code remains under the GPL.”

At this point I’d say that it’s CC-BY-SA-3 just because it’s in a .schelp file which is CC-BY-SA-3. Also, I’m assuming that the execuable code it’s referring to is the source code of scsynth, supernova, sclang, and scide, not help docs examples written in sclang included alongside SuperCollider.

I guess it’s just worded so unclearly I don’t know either way. Someone repsonded that it was CC-BY-SA-3 for basically the same reasons as what I said above but then later deleted their post.

I guess I’ll just keep reading about the GPL to see what I can find. Another question, if you distributed compiled synthdefs (.scsyndef files) that source code was under the GPL license or CC-BY-SA-3 what license would they be under? The same one as the source code?

If you are writing documentation, I think that’s correct. If you’re writing code, the examples are so generic and short, that in most cases it’s not relevant. If that’s a more elaborate code, then the grey area would begin. But I don’t think there are such cases in the repository helpfiles anyway. The examples folder, as far as documentation goes, is a counterexample, although they are .scd files.

Okay, thanks for the clarification.