Helpfile folder location is wrong


I used to install SuperCollider 3.11.2 but now I’m using 3.12.0.
Weird thing: The location of the helpfile folder seems to be a non-existing location.


Anyone knows how to set the location to the correct one?

I have mine on the C:\ drive, but otherwise have the same path and my help system works. Sorry I don’t know how to change the path, but thought that info might help! The most recent version is 3.12.1, so that update could help, but I didn’t have your issue on 3.12.0 either.

Thanks for your info! It was because I didn’t remove 3.11.2 completely, and now I get it fixed by deleting the registry files of SuperCollider 3.11.2. I have updated it to 3.12.1 and I’m happy working with it :slight_smile: thanks again

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You should now be able to run:


…and next to supernova, there is:


which may help in the future.

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You are right. Thanks