High pass filter also explodes when goig below

I am mostly impressed with most of the ugens but some behave terribly bad when their range in exceeded , mostly belo zero Hz

Here’s an example ,I set it up it doesn’t distort , filter is set at 390 hertz .
Is there some kind of clipper modulefor clipping the range and keep it within healthy boundaries ?

{ var wasted,filter;
filter =HPF.ar(wasted,390+(Saw.kr(0.5,1000,1))) ;

It happens to be called clip.

clip(390 + (Saw.kr(0.5, 1000, 1)), 20, 20000)

PS Why do you hate spaces? :laughing:


Must be doing something wrong , but it still clips the filter
Clippin range is 500,1000…so this should set the boundaries of the filter modulation
Beware , turn volume down

	var a,b,c;

This is a typo I think - you’re setting c to your Clip but never using it.

You my friend are absolutely right