Hologram Microcosm

Hi all!

I’m a bit new to this forum and the platform but I hope this is the right place.

I was wondering if anyone has any pointers towards existing scripts with similar functionality to the Microcosm pedal. I had one some time ago but sold it on. It’s a set of granular texture effects not completely unlike the MI clouds which I have also experimented with in SC.

I’ve also tried out greyhole which also has some interesting textures.

So! Does anyone know of any scripts in this area I should know about :blush:

You could probably achieve this by using some granular techniques… I’m not really very familiar with the pedal, but it looks like GrainBuf, BufRd, BufComb might get you to where you’re trying to go.

Sorry I can’t really be of more help than this. It looks like a granular effects pedal, so you’d want to see if you can’t implement specific features of the pedal one at a time and then build it out from there.