How do I change the default synth?

Hey y’all.

I would like to change the default synth.
I have received help a bunch of times from friends who have tried to help me do this, but they have all struck out.
Has anyone on here been able to change the default synth to something else?

I would like to provide a new synthdef in place of the default one so that I can run examples, as one does, with convenience when browsing the help.

I am running sc 3.10.2 on mac os 10.13.6

I’m not sure if I understand, but if you want another synth (SynthDef) other than the default, you’ll have to build one yourself - that’s the whole point of a SynthDef.

I suggest you follow one of Eli Fieldsteel’s early videos on SynthDefs:

I hope that helps.

Have a look at the redDefault quark here:
According to the docs it overwrites the default synth, so you should be able to learn how to do it from there.

If you create a SynthDef named \default you will effectively overwrite it.

The documentation for Event describes this in the documentation for the makeDefaultSynthDef function

Thanks for showing me this.
It worked like a charm.
Love that redfrik guy.