How do I load new UGens?

I’m running into this a lot. I find something in the docs, in this case “TwoTubes” physical model UGen. I try something like:

sig =, k, loss, rand+ freq, freq/2);

and it’s not available. How do I load things like this? Quarks.gui?

which doc did you see this in?
That will help determine the next step - at the moment, from the snippet above, I can’t tell if that is a class that be loaded as a Quark or someone’s addition in sc3-plugins or something like that (which needs a different solution).

Classes (extension) | UGens > PhysicalModels

Great! Those are Nick Collins’ UGens. I don’t think those are part of sc3-plugins though, so we’d need to track down where either the source (for compiling) or a precompiled version of those exist.

I may have time later to try and figure out where they live… but the above is the next step.


They are here:

However - precompiled for SC 3.6 - so, quite out of date.

sorry about that! I saw that the help filr for TwoTubes is in SLUgens in sc3-Plugins and I just assumed…

Thanks everyone for your replies. I’ll download and compile the plugins.

Spoke too soon. I’m on an M1 MacBook. I followed the sc_plugin compile directions. I get a compiler test error:

sc3-plugins/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeTmp/testCCompiler.c:2:3: error:
#error "The CMAKE_C_COMPILER is set to a C++ compiler"

The compiler in /opt/local/bincc is:
cc (MacPorts gcc10 10.2.0_5) 10.2.0

Should there really be a problem here? Do the plugin’s really need to be compiled with a ‘c’ compiler?

My CC path was wrong. Working now.