How do you stop a Pwalk?

I’m sure there’s something obvious I’m missing in the documentation, but… how do you stop a Pwalk? Most patterns have an input variable for number of steps or repetitions or whatever, but I can’t find such a thing for Pwalk. I’m using it to generate a melodic fill at the end of a phrase, but if I nest it in a Pseq, it never gives back control.

So far I’ve gotten around this by putting each entire phrase (the melody and the fill) in their own Pfindur and chaining them, but that seems kludgy.

Pwalk depends on a step pattern to move forward or back.

The length of the step pattern determines the length of the Pwalk. That is, it’s a simple rule: Step pattern length → Pwalk length.

Consider if Pwalk had its own length parameter. Then the rule would be more complex: the lesser of the step pattern length or Pwalk length → Pwalk output length.

In general, it’s better to avoid unnecessary complication, so Pwalk omits the length parameter and depends on the step pattern for termination.


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Thank you! That’s very clear, and it makes perfect sense.

I realized later – a simpler way to say it is: Pwalk is basically a filter pattern that maps the forward and backward steps onto an array of values. As a filter pattern, it doesn’t necessarily have to have its own length parameter.

That’s a valid update to the help file – it isn’t totally clear about that.


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