How relevant is SC?


this is just for curiosity:

A friend’s friend that I recently very briefly met has degrees in maths and computer science and is currently persuing a PhD.

I don’t know exactly what the topic of his research is, but it has something to do with signal processing and computational music generation.

And the shocking thing was: He had never heard of supercollider.

What does that tell us? Is Eli Fieldsteel the only one in academia that uses SC?

What does that tell us? Is Eli Fieldsteel the only one in academia that uses SC?

Certainly not :slight_smile:
From personal experience - SC is widely used at DXARTS (University of Washington).

It doesn’t surprise me at all that computer scientists wouldn’t be aware of niche, domain-specific languages for artistic creation.


Probably not qualified to say as my own frame of reference isn’t academia (and even within academia I think there are huge cultural differences between “computer music” and “signal processing”), but just anecdotally speaking, a significant number of my friends/colleagues in the experimental music world who previously worked mostly with Max, Pd, etc, have switched to SC in the last five years or so, which isn’t nothing where relevance is concerned.

This is a rhetorical question, no ? :slight_smile:
SC is widely used across academic institutions around the world that are focussed on sound, music and related. Sure, as James mentioned, math and computer science are rather separated domains. Signal processing is again different. E.g., here at IEM Graz one can study sound engineering and computer music. In the latter, I’d say, SC is heavily used, also Pd, whereas sound engineers (signal processing in the rather technical meaning) often work with Matlab. In the experimental music scene I’m seeing a trend towards SC during the last years as well.

Also worth noting Tidal, Sonic Pi, and other are pretty popular and use SC under the hood.

Yes, you should also put FoxDot in that list (along with Sonic-Pi and Tidal), as there’s been a lot of work done on it in the past years. It’s also very much in the same line as Thor Magnusson’s Ixi-audio (seems to have taken a back seat at present), and uses SC as it’s sound engine.