How to access window's system audio

How do you send the audio of your system to supercollider? Idk if this makes much sense but i tried the following and i tried different outdevices, but i keep hearing input from the microphone.

s.options.inDevice = ServerOptions.outDevices[i] // where i is some of the indices ive tried


//i just hear the microphone
//somehow input bus 0 does not match with s.options.inDevice?
//or im doing something that does not make sense

Heres some more info:

(luidsprekers means speakers)

ServerOptions.outDevices :
[ MME : Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output, MME : Luidsprekers (Conexant SmartAud, Windows DirectSound : Primary Sound Driver, Windows DirectSound : Luidsprekers (Conexant SmartAudio HD), Windows WASAPI : Luidsprekers (Conexant SmartAudio HD), Windows WDM-KS : Speakers (Conexant HD Audio output) ]

after setting the default indevice to for example ServerOptions.outDevices[1] and rebooting, i see this cut-off name :

MME : Luidsprekers (Conexant SmartAud

I see, however, in the helpfiles that for windows, something called partial name matching is supported. So i guess this is correct. But this is as far as ive come.

Windows doesn’t allow arbitrary audio patching between apps.

You’ll need a third party tool like VoiceMeeter.