How to change server default output to ch 2,3 instead of default 0,1?

I want to always open SC and listen whatever from ch 2,3 of my soundcard instead of the default 0,1, how to do it?

I had a similar issue with 8 output channels but managed to find a way with the suggestion of @jordan

SynthDef(\outputRouter, {,, 2));

CmdPeriod.add({{Synth(\outputRouter, target: Server.default.defaultGroup, addAction: \addAfter)}.defer(0.1)});

Save that code in the startup file and press once cmd+period at the beginning of your session.

This is for the outputs of your interface, I am not sure how you can make it work for the inputs.

Kosmas’s suggestion is a good way to copy the main stereo pair to a secondary stereo pair – it assumes though that the secondary pair exists, which by default isn’t there.

s.options.numOutputBusChannels = 4;

Note that you have to configure it before booting the server. If the server is already running, you should reboot it after changing the setting.

(Also, I think ServerTree would be better to use than CmdPeriod here.)


thanks guys, i got it working!