How to create a hierarchy of pulses


I’d like to create a hierarchy of pulses analogous to how beats and their divisions behave in a measure. The way I have come up with is through a series of pulses whose frequencies are multiple of the frequency at which the firts beat of the measure spots.

In a simplified form: + + //Frequency of the measure + Frequency of half a measure + Frequency of quarter notes, and so on …

I have tried to do that with two alternative codes but it doesn’t seem to add properly the different layers -according with the output of .plot-. The version with Impulse is not working any better.

At the end it seems to be a matter of the picture:

Any tip on what to do to make it work?

// {Mix(**Array.series(6),0, 0.01))}.plot(0.35);
//{Mix(**Array.series(6),0, 0.01))}.plot(0.55);
//{Mix(**Array.series(6),0, 0.01))}.plot(0.75);
//{Mix(**Array.series(6),0, 0.01))}.plot(1.15);


// or, link to a GitHub page or a gist (

Hi again,

This seem to work properly and the graphs looks nice!

{Mix(*(2**Array.series(6)),0, 0.01*(2**Array.series(6))))}.plot(2)

However, if anyone could explain what was wrong with the former try I would appreciate.