How to de-condense SC tweets?

Is there a way to (automate) an easier to read exploded view of SC Tweets so that they are more legible?

I have seen @Kosmas_Giannoutakis use versions of SC tweets that have been de-condensed and converted to Ndefs in this series of videos. I don’t know if he automated the process or did it by hand, but either way he might be willing to share code if you ask nicely :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: I found the code here!


@PitchTrebler thanks for the mention. I have been working with SCTweets for over a year now. In my experience, each SCTweet is unique and requires special care. Some of them need to be updated to work with the current SC version, while others can’t work due to deprecated classes and methods.

Lately, I have been using H. James Harkins’s @jamshark70 quark ddwSnippets, which I have slightly modified to import the SCTweets (link). By no means is the SCTweet collection full, the de-condensing perfect, or the modification of the ddwSnippets library ideal. If someone is willing to help, specifically with reformatting the SCTweets, is very welcome.

In order to use the SCTweets, you import the collection with DDWSnippets.load. This will load the default collection with SCTweets encapsulated in NDefs. You can specify various modified collections with DDWSnippets.load(\SCTweets_mod1) or mod2, mod3 etc. Currently, if you try to play a tweet from mod1 or mod2 collection it won’t play because it needs some classes I have developed.

To insert the SCTweet, you press ctrl+`, and the snippet window appears, which will be full with the SCTweets. Select the one you want, press enter, and it will be pasted in your IDE at the current position of your cursor. Unfortunately, this works only with the SCide. It doesn’t work on Windows as well…