How to print full Array?


I’m trying to set my output device, to try find a way of making Sonarworks work in SC without using VSTPlugin.
The problem is, when I do ServerOptions.outDevices, it doesn’t print the full Array:

[ MME : Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input, MME : Analogue 1 + 2 (Focusrite Usb A, MME : Microphone
 Array (Realtek(R) Au, MME : CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual , MME : Microsoft Sound Mapper - 
Output, MME : Altoparlanti (Sonarworks Virtua, MME : Altoparlanti (Focusrite Usb Aud, MME : Speakers 
(Realtek(R) Audio), MME : CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual C, Windows DirectSound : Driver primario di
 acquisizione suoni, Windows DirectSound : Analogue 1 + 2 (Focusrite Usb Audio), Windows 
DirectSound : Microphone Array (Rea...etc...

how do I solve this?


Ok solved, it’s simple but I’ll leave it here, in case someone has the same problem (mods delete if you want, of course): {|device| device.postln}

See also:

(1 .. 128).asString.postln
(1 .. 128).asCompileString.postln

In case you ever need to look at longer print strings…

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