How to turn a number in a TextField a different color while recognizing TempoClock?

Hi everyone,

I have a bit of a strange question and am not sure if it is possible. I have been working on a GUI that I’ve modeled after a Roland SP-404 and am wondering if I can change the color of the amplitude values in a TextFields based on the position of what amplitude is being processed.

In the screenshot above, I have 8 rows that control the amplitude of buffers. These are all being mapped to Pseqs which I replace in a Pdef with a ~globalvar. As the track is proceeding, I would like to highlight the number the amplitude is playing.

So in the example above, once I start playing music, it would highlight 1 then 0 then 0 then 0 then 1… etc. This should also be synced with the TempoClock and speed up/ slow down based on tempo. It should also loop back to the start.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to achieve this?

Thank you!

TextField, maybe not. TextView:

That’s the easy part – run a routine with a consistent beat value (e.g. 0.25 for 16ths). If you’re already running several layers in sync on one TempoClock, this is just one more layer.

Remember to wrap gui updates in { ... gui stuff here ... }.defer and you should be most of the way there.



Thank you so much. Looks like I can use TextField too- I just need to use: