How to utilise AmpCompA, AmpComp or LUFS (=LKFS) in SC?

Dear users,

AmpCompA and AmpComp seem to be appropriate for SinOSC.
How could I use it for utilising sound with rich spectrum, e.g. Buffers or WhiteNoise?

I sometimes see academic people saying that the Zwicker’s Loudness model is one of the best compared with the qualitative perception of experts, especially in tricky situations…

So, maybe it worth trying to compensate the amplitude of your complex sound based on the output of the Loudness UGen (Zwicker and Glasberg/Moore/Stone loudness model).

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If compensating amplitude for small grains, duration could be something to be considered as well. Alberto de Campo has some examples about this in the SC book.

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Thank you very much for your kind tips!