How to Write UGens

a golden github repo contributed by @nathan that supplements the Writing Unit Generators help doc.

like a low volume freediving mask for those who wish to swim among the magnificent creatures that live in the depths of DSP. :whale2:

They are good and easy to follow. This is also very useful:

As a stylistic thing - I recommend using the C++ examples rather than the C ones. Much easier.

And the link for that chapter is dead. Well damn.

@cian I’ve got a copy I can put here if it is legal? It was a sample chapter so it must be…

Also, on a more modest level, if anyone wants to learn how to do offline buffer process, I’ve deciphered the code and did simple method additions to the buffer method here, feel free to use the code:

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Think it would be better to add it to the examples UGen repo. Probably the best way to do it is as a pull request, with an explanation about the server going down. And maybe an addition to the readme file if you’re feeling ambitious :slight_smile:

can you share the copy too? or where you download from?
Would like to learn and read more.
Thanks in advanced.

since the authors are on this list, I asked if it was legal :wink: