I just started 2 days ago.How do you play two sequences at the same time?


I tried this by reading this book pg(39)https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~ruviaro/texts/A_Gentle_Introduction_To_SuperCollider.pdf::

~firstMelody = Pbind(
\degree, Pseq([1,2,3,4,5], inf),
\dur, 0.15

~secondMelody = Pbind(
\degree, Pseq([5,4,3,2,1], inf),
\dur, 0.15

~player1 = ~firstMelody.play;
~player2 = ~secondMelody.play;


//what’s in the pdfbook works , but what i did does not work.why if I did the same thing but simpler?


Hi Patrick,

The code you sent works as it should, and the two Pbinds play at the same time. Why do you say “it does not work”? What were you expecting to hear?



when I do it in my super collider it says ‘‘nil’’ and nothing happens(no sound, nothing). I booted the server, and then clicked the last parentheses after ‘’~player2 = ~secondMelody.play;’’ and then pressed ctrl + enter. thank you for answer.

EDIT: I found the problem.Thank you for telling me the code was right.I needed to click on the 2 last parentheses not just the last one.


Also check Cmd + Return for evaluating the (parenthesised) region around the cursor position, it’s even more comfortable.