ICAD 2023 | 2nd Call for Contributions | 26 June - 01 July | Norrköping, Sweden

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ICAD 2023
2nd Call for Submission of Papers, Extended Abstracts,
Workshops/Tutorials, and Music/Installations

28th International Conference on Auditory Display
Norrköping, Sweden
26 June – 01 July 2023


After decades of research dedicated to sonification in terms of audio
signal processing, aesthetics, art and design, perception, awareness and
human factors, accessibility, auditory augmentation and mixed reality,
auditory displays have reached a state with tools and principles that
work. It is about time for the breakthrough of sonification in terms of
implementation in mass media and consumer markets: Sonification for the
masses! The ICAD 2023 committee is seeking full papers, abstracts,
concert pieces, demos, installations, workshops, and tutorials from
across the full spectrum of auditory display research and practice. This
year, we are particularly interested in use cases from everyday life,
implementations in mass media, sonification evaluation by wider
populations, concepts of sonification in education, learnability and
pleasantness of sonifications, and other ways to tackle the theme of
sonification for the general public. How informative, aesthetic,
universally applicable or specified do sonifications need to be in order
to be beneficial for users outside the audio community? During the
student think tank, students and young researchers get the chance to
exchange ideas and learn from established members of the auditory
display community. As a satellite event, we are organizing the
Sonic-Tilt competition, where researchers, students and artists submit
their own sound design for Tiltification, a bullseye spirit level
available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.



Full Papers (6 to 8 pages) - March 1, 2023
Extended Abstracts (2 to 4 pages) - March 15
Workshops / Tutorials / Demos - March 15
Live Performances / Installations - March 15
Doctoral Consortium / Think Tank - March 15

For details on topics of interest, proposal format, submission
instructions, and additional conference information, please visit

Papers: Tim Ziemer and Marian Weger – papers@icad2023.icad.org
Extended Abstracts: Jonas Löwgren and Michael Nees –
Music: Michael Iber – music@icad2023.icad.org
Workshops & Tutorials: Emma Frid – workshops@icad2023.icad.org
Installations & Demos: Jordan Wirfs-Brock – installations@icad2023.icad.org
Student Think Tank: Sara Lenzi – thinktank@icad2023.icad.org
Sonic-Tilt Competition: Tim Ziemer – sonictilt@icad2023.icad.org
Accessibility & Webmaster: Katie Wolf – accessibility@icad2023.icad.org

About ICAD:
First held in 1992, ICAD is a highly interdisciplinary conference with
relevance to researchers, practitioners, artists, and graduate students
working with sound to convey and explore information. The conference is
unique in its specific focus on auditory displays and the range of
interdisciplinary issues related to their use. Like its predecessors,
ICAD 2023 will be a single-track conference, open to all, with no
membership or affiliation requirements.

Niklas Rönnberg
Chair of ICAD 2023