IDE is freezing my computer and other newcomer problems

Hi everyone,

I’ve started learning SuperCollider a few weeks ago. So far I really enjoy it, except for a few very annoying problems that I would like to fix. I think that it should be easy to find a solution. Here is a short list:

(I am running MacOs Mojave 10.14 on a MacBook Air 13")

  • The SuperCollider IDE is freezing my computer (no display refresh) on various occasions: on startup, when booting the server, when using DDWSnippets and inserting something, etc… It should be an issue related to the GUI implementation of the IDE. On every other video I’ve seen of the latest build of SuperCollider, there is no visible lag. I don’t really want to switch to Vim or NVim right now because I still want to learn with the full support of the IDE.

  • How can I configure some more precise editing buffer keybindings ? I’m used to the Vim keys or at least to a minimal Emacs editing style, but there is apparently none of this in SuperCollider. I am also writing on a french Azerty keyboard, which makes some keybindings unreachable or unrecognized.

I would be glad if some of you had a solution to this. I must not be the only one experiencing these things.

I come from the live-coding world, and I see a real potential in discovering SC. It’s very harsh, verbose and uneasy, but it’s definitely rewarding!

There is an Emacs editor with access to the documentation and output window. I dont know much about it, but look at the thread “What IDE do you use?”

If you are already used to vim keys scvim works quite well (I use it daily).

Strange that you are having GUI issues though! I don’t think I have much insight into it but which version of SuperCollider are you running on OSX 10.14?

scvim works very well with tmux, but I would recommend using scnvim (with NeoVim) instead. Needs less configuration and you just use neovim –without tmux–. I started with scvim but switched to scnvim and I’m very happy with it. I really recommend it for live coding.

@Felix_Maxwell: I used Emacs (in fact Spacemacs) a lot a few month ago, but it always sounded like overkill for me. I just regret the wonderful org-mode. I switched back to just terminal (with Ranger) and Vim. I liked it so far.

@scazan & @loopier : I installed NeoVim and SCNVim last evening, but I still have issues with it or at least questions about it. I haven’t been able to configure the auto-completion correctly, and haven’t look so far at configuring the keybindings.

Does it mean that for the moment, there is no way of saving the basic IDE?

This is the first I’ve heard of frequent freezing in the IDE. Developers haven’t been working on that problem because, AFAICS, it’s extremely rare… which doesn’t help you immediately, but I’d recommend filing a bug at GitHub - supercollider/supercollider: An audio server, programming language, and IDE for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition.


I’ve submitted the bug on GitHub. I can still use the IDE for now, and wait for a solution later. Is there a way to add a keybinding for things such as go to the beginning / end of the line, go the next / previous line / word? That would be everything I need to be fully operational.

Have you tried disabling all the Quarks ?


and then restart SC to see if it changes anything ?

PS : and welcome to the board ! I am French with an azerty keyboard too

I’ve just tried and it’s still freezing. After Quarks.clear, I’m still able to use the DDWsnippets and to freeze my computer for 3-5 seconds each time.

I am certain this is related to

It might be, and it’s definitely related to the OS. Someone described the problem very accurately in last December in another topic:

I would love to know how he managed to resolve the issues.