Importing .sysex data

hey, has someone dealt with importing sysex data from hardware devices to SC?
im interested in importing sysex data from the elektron monomachine / machinedrum and would like to know if one could extract the instrument settings somehow which could then be implemented manually in a SynthDef.
thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve implemented full sysex parsing for the sequential rev2 hw synth, so it is possible.

in general, if you want to parse sysex contents to extract information from it, you will either need reference documentation that explains the internal format of the sysex (sysex contents are not standardized and device specific; the data usually also incorporates some checksum to ensure data integrity (and the calculation of the checksum again is vendor specific)) or you would need to reverse engineer it (a tedious process that usually involves painstakingly modifying one parameter and then looking what changes in the sysex - I had to do some of it for the rev2 project I mentioned earlier).

Even with full sysex documentation available, for some instruments there’s so much to parse and to interpret that it’s still not a trivial task.

Sometimes, if the vendor of the synth has some kind of software interface to their intstrument, it is also
possible to “sniff” which sysex messages are sent by their application to the synth in response to certain user interface actions and then send those same messages later, when you want that same thing to happen.