Include discourse plugins for better legibility?


I was trying to write a topic that demanded color text and maybe a little bit of LaTeX for a better visual organization.

Is it possible/desirable that this forum also include some discourse plugins like that?

maybe a translator to help increase the community?

I would be in favor of the translation one, depending on how well it does (and what service(s) it uses for translation). I think there’s not really enough math posted on this forum to justify a whole plugin for it - usually people just write things in code, which is more useful for everyone anyway. I’m ambivalent about the color one, I don’t know that it adds a lot, but I’m not opposed if other people wanted it.

The only limitation here is that, plugins needs to be manually updated - it’s not a lot of work, in general just one click, but it has to be done often if we want to keep the forum up to date (and broken plugins cause headaches as well), so I’d just want to make sure everything we install is something highly desirable / useful / stable.

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Rethinking, I also agree that the color plugin can turn the forum into barroque high contrast web art from the 90s.

However, I still think that syntax highlighting for supercollider code would be great!