Increasing memSize

Can someone explain why I get an error message when calling s.memSize, surely I should get the default memory size (8192?) in the post window? Instead I get a 'memSize' not understood message.

If I wish to increase the memory allocation size how do I do it, I assumed it would be simply:

s.memSize = newValue.

Is that incorrect?

Thanks in advance - joesh

Server has no memSize property. ServerOptions does, so you’ll need to do s.options.memSize. You need to re-boot the server after you set this.

If you select the text memSize in the SC Ide, you can use Cmd+D to find which object(s) have this property, and see the documentation.

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Sorry, I meant ServerOptions.

For the rest, that’s brilliant, I tried it out and it’s perfect. I’d forgot the s.options bit, which I’ve often used to set channels and the like. It indeed explains the problem.

Thanks - joesh