Indianapolis - Butler U Elektronik Musik Fest -- one SC piece

If anyone is in central Indiana – I’ll have a SuperCollider piece on Butler U’s Elektronik Musik Fest, Sunday, 28th (tomorrow!), 7:30 pm, Schrott building.

(No idea why the link is displaying a Russian translation.)

My undergraduate composition studies were in this department – fun and eclectic – will be nice to go back for a visit.


PS Parking may be… interesting… fair warning.

Schrott translates as (metallic) junk or scrap, as in scrap yard – Schrottplatz. My partner calls the results of my attempts at making sounds with SC Schrottmusik, to the extent that my son has grown up believing this is a bona fide category of music, on par with classical, funk and metal.

We now return you to your regular programming, hoping James is having a fine performance.


Apparently it’s the surname of a wealthy donor, in this case. Now I wonder what is the family history that leads to the whole family being described as such :laughing:

Sound check was all good at least.