inFeedback question

Hi -

I’m running into a strange issue and I’m not sure what I’m overlooking.

I have a very basic SynthDef that uses inFeedback. I’ve defaulted all of the inputs and outputs to a “mutebus” bus, so there should be no audible sound when these synths are instantiated - yet the sound is there.

Can anyone help me understand what’s going on? Thanks.

	{|in, secondOut, out|
	var sig, env;
		in =, 2));
		sig =*8;
		sig = sig*, 4), doneAction:2);
		sig =, 1000);,;,;

~mutebus =, 2);

x = Synth("b", [\out, ~mutebus, \secondout, ~mutebus, \in, ~mutebus]);
y = Synth("b", [\secondOut,~mutebus, \in, ~mutebus, \out, ~mutebus] );

x synth needs to set the \secondOut control – but the arg list is accidentally written with \secondout – so x is actually writing to bus 0.