Inheriting the FloatArray class

Hello. I’m trying to write a class that handles vectors, and there are some strange Array implementations that are blocking me:

Vector : FloatArray {

  *new {
    arg size = 2;
    var v;
    v = super.newClear(size);
    [\sizes, size, v.size, v.maxSize].postln;
    ^ v;

I would expect if I run to create an empty Array-like object with a maxSize of 3, but instead what I get in the printout is: “[ sizes, 3, 0, 1 ]” - meaning that I asked for 3, the current size is 0, and the maxSize is 1. Using any of the other Array creation methods, like v = super.fill(size, {0}); just creates an endless loop.

What am I doing wrong here? The same behavior happens with Array, RawArray, ArrayedCollection, etc.

Vector : FloatArray {

when subclassing FloatArray you’ll need to specify your class like this…

VectorTest[float] : FloatArray {

then it’ll work.

similar for the other special array classes. they all need that extra type ‘hint’.