Initialization rate for BufMax

Is there a way to add the initialisation rate method for the UGens BufMax and BufMin (in SC3plugins extension).
By the way I wonder why the developer did not implemented it? Is there a reason or a mere oversight?

Most UGens don’t implement ir.

This UGen has a trigger input; if you supply a trigger = 1.0, or, then it will calculate once at the beginning and not recalculate after that – so .ir isn’t strictly needed for that.

Absolute value, seems this isn’t supported currently. You could do max(abs(, abs( maybe? As a workaround, short of modifying the UGens’ c++ sources.


That make sense. Thanks for the tricks. :slight_smile:

b =, Platform.resourceDir +/+ "sounds/a11wlk01.wav");
b.loadToFloatArray(action: { arg ar; ar.abs.maxIndex.postln });