Install problem "SuperDirt"

Hi everybody,

I try to install TidalCycles on my Mac. I do the “tidal-bootstrap”, when the installation was finished I try yo use with TidalCycles through Atom. I follow the instruction on the TidalCycles site, save a file with “.tidal” extension but Atom give me an error. So, I unistall SuperCollider to install again another time, and repeat the bootstrap. Now I can’t install SuperCollider, I give the allow to install a non identificate software, and now mac don’t says nothing after I went in the terminal to give this comand sudo spctl –master-disable. Before that Mac says “Supercollider was damaged, trash it”…

I use SuperCollider for composition, somebody can help me?

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

I’m afraid I’m not a Mac user myself, but there are others on this forum who can give you more specific help.

Can you provide details on exactly the steps you are taking to reinstall SC? And, at each step, what is the result on the computer?

Which macOS version?

Which exact SC installer package?

Also, I’d suggest for this forum to focus on the SuperCollider installer. The SC community doesn’t maintain or develop Tidal installers – you would need to ask the Tidal community about that.


Hi thank you for the support.

There’s not many steps on the issue, simply I download from SC website the last version (I try also older one) and Mac does’n say something but don’t start the installation.

My OS X El capitan 10.11.3

I supposed the problem is linked in which way to the previous installation of Tidal’s bootstrap.

I think the issue might be that the latest SuperCollider 10.11.0 won’t work on MacOS 10.11.3.
You could try downloading SuperCollider 10.10 instead.
(I have a similar problem here - am currently using SC 10.10.2 on MacOS 10.11.1).

Hi thanks for the support,

I dowload the 3.10.4 Supercollider version, but still doesn’t work.

You may want to go over to and ask the question there - there’s a whole subforum for install issues: