Instantiate a Synth from a Synth?

Is it possible to use a Synth to trigger another Synth?
I was thinking it might be nice to have a SynthDef that randomly selected another Synth, but I’m not sure exactly how that would be realized. I know the more conventional wisdom would do this client-side, but I’m curious if it is possible.
Thank you!

Don’t quite know what you are asking, care to give a musical example?

What do you mean by trigger?

Synthdefs are just definitions, the only verb they are capable of is define (you can then do stuff with the definition like add or store), but they can’t select.

The only way to launch a new synth is by a synth-new message (/s_new).

In SC, the client can send messages to the server but the server cannot send messages to itself.

So, no, it isn’t possible for a synth to launch a new synth directly. The first synth can send a message to the client, and the client can launch a new synth. That’s the only way.