Integrating with the mailing lists?

it looks to me like the key to the success of this forum will be in whether or not it can somehow both integrate with the existing mailing lists, and comply with GDPR.

as mailing list user Dionysis points out, optimal integration with the existing mailing lists would require that:

  1. We can import the sc-users and sc-dev archives as threads in the style of Nabble.
  2. We can have a functionality in which the mailing list creates new threads. Yes, like Nabble used to do :slight_smile:

since the privacy policy that users signed onto when they joined the mailing list is different from the privacy policy users sign onto when they join this forum, and because their data will be used in an ostensibly different way, consent is required from any and all contributors in order to comply with GDPR.

ie. something that publishes new mailing list topics automatically would be GDPR noncompliant

this topic is for discussion pertaining to whether or not it is possible to have both integration and compliance.

Hi there,

I am the user mentioned in your post :slight_smile: I am just checking the forum and have a couple of related questions if you don’t mind. What is the status of this forum at the moment? Is the mailing list integrated or there are just two different channels of communication?

Really like the interface by the way :slight_smile:

The status of the forum is currently going well and has been for several months already. This forum does not integrate with the mailing list and is basically a separate channel of communication for supercollider. Glad you enjoy the interface. :slightly_smiling_face:

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