Integration with Slack?

There is a discourse plugin that allows the forum to integrate with chat providers.

This topic is for discussion whether / how we could integrate this forum with the existing Slack server (

We can definitely add this if there’s a demand.

I think this is a good idea. Slack has been a good tool for active devs - and having some way to chat / interact with the forum with strengthen both.

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What would the slack integration do though? Not sure I want forum notifications appearing in slack, or slack stuff appearing here.

Some kind of link to the slack channel would be good though.

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I agree with @cian. I like the idea of somehow integrating the two, but I don’t want chat notifications for a forum. I find it frustrating to switch contexts. I’d be fine with it if it were in its own channel though; somewhere I could totally ignore but others could use :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I Just joined this Forum… and I searched for Slack because I was confused by this statement: in your "Welcome to the SuperCollider Forum page:

" ## Other helpful SuperCollider resources are available at:

GitHub - // ](

Mailing List - :// ](://
Slack - // ]("

I thought “Oh nice! they have a slack workspace!” but my effort to join was futile because one has to know who the Administrator is to get invited. (Is there any other way to get a slack invitation? )
From your discussion here I take it only developers are welcome in the Slack workspace? If that is so, I’d suggest someone indicates this on this web page? Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

hey @DoubleStop,

welcome! a couple things:

  1. a public invite link for Slack is here:

  2. where is that welcome message posted? it ought to be updated with the correct link.

  3. anyone is welcome to join the Slack team!

Yeah, No… the page I saw is located here: Welcome to the SuperCollider Forum and I don’t see the public slack invite mentioned anywhere on it!

Anyways, Thanks! I will join! I am an enthusiastic SC newbie! :cowboy_hat_face: and I have LOTS of questions… Especially getting it to route audio to my DAW… I STILL have not succeeded! I haven’t figured out if that is because I’m just a lowly windows 10 user!

Ooops! Say @VIRTUALDOG … I tried the link you sent in your reply… Ummm… That link doesn’t work?

I get a slack web page stating this:

This invite link is no longer active.
Please check with the person who shared it with you to see if there’s a new link available.

??? Does it work for you?

whoops! that is the old link. i recently created a new one because someone else had also pointed out that it expired. i’ve edited my post above to include the correct link.

the welcome post has now been edited with the correct link. thanks again for pointing that out and sorry to anyone who wasn’t able to join because of this!