Inverse FFT(known as the IFFT)

is possible to implement this solved old idea, that was resolved not long ago

how practical this can by?

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This is actually about the chirp z transform. If the algorithm is freely available for use I imagine something could be implemented, but there isn’t a description here of what kind of performance it has with general use computers … but - what do you think you’d want to do with it beyond what is currently available in SC with the FFT / IFFT / PV ugens?

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Actually, there is an implementation of the chirp-z transform on the SignalBox Quark, but no implementation of the inverse chirp-z (ICZT). From the little I’ve read, the improvement is related to increasing frequency resolution over a certain bandwidth, but with increasing computational costs…

Just guessing, but maybe under NRT there could be some nice sound results after transformation and processing of magnitude and phase of the specified bandwidth…

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