Invitation to Mellite workshop at Piksel festival

Hi there. I’m doing a workshop on the Mellite computer music environment at the Piksel festival, which is hybrid this year, and the workshop will be online via BBB. The workshop will be on one of the festival days (Thu–Sat 18–20 November; probably fixed soon), and lasts max. 3 hours. It is open to anyone who wants to sign up, all you have to do is register by writing an e-mail to piksel21(AT)

As you may know, the real-time sound synthesis part of Mellite is using ScalaCollider, which is a SuperCollider dialect, so this might be of interest to you (but I think also the other parts are very interesting). No prior knowledge of Mellite is needed, everyone is welcome.

Below is the preliminary contents, but if you are interested in particular other topics, feel free to suggest them to me via contact(AT) Ahead of the workshop, the participants will receive information about installing the software needed.

1 - introduction and overview

  • scope and possibilities of Mellite
  • motivation and design behind it, and it is different from other systems
  • tour of use case scenarios and realised projects

2 - getting started; language elements and real-time sound synthesis

  • working with workspaces
  • getting to know the editors, running examples
  • writing your own sound synthesis functions:
    language basics, elements of Scala and SuperCollider
  • getting help, observing signals, finding documentation
  • interconnecting sound processes

3 - exploring and extending the live improvisation interface

  • design and usage of the Wolkenpumpe sub-system
  • practising, exploring
  • adding your own sound processes

4 - devising reactive control programs and user interfaces

  • what is Mellite’s reactive “patcher” language
  • creating basic interactions and algorithms between elements
  • bridging between the patcher logic and real-time sound processes

optional (if time permits)

  • introduction to non-realtime processing with FScape
  • interfacing with other systems via OSC,

Cool! I’m performing in Piksel on the 19th, and giving a workshop on the 20th, so will unfortunately not be able to participate in any extracurricular activities, but I hope to see you around IRL :smiley: