Is anyone using supercollider purely for it's synthengine , using a HW sequencer

I am wondering , do any of you just use the supercollider server-synth side and sequence it from hardware .
I’ve got a cirklon 2 and am playing with the idea of doing this , after tackling,learning the mididef ,midifunc part .

In my case usually it’s the other way around (i.e. SC is the sequencer and drives midi hw synths), but In the past I’ve used supercollider with midi input (not a sequencer but a midi keyboard with keys, pedals and knobs) to drive a supercollider synth. I’ve also done some “bidirectional” things where a midi devices gives a signal to sc, sc in real-time generates some pattern from the midi input and plays it back to the midi keyboard, leading to some kind of “augmented audio”.