Is Conductor still working?

I installed the Conductor quark, and non of the examples were working, then noticed that the Interpreter isn’t compiling, failing with
“ERROR: Message ‘tabletSlider2D’ not understood.”

from I see that this has been around since at least 2018, and that tabletSlider2D hasn’t been supported for longer than that.

I’m on Windows 10, SC 3.11.1 and Conductor looks interesting, but wondering if it still works.

It doesn’t work with SC 3.11 as far as I can tell. From the issue you linked it looks like the quark relies on deprecated and removed code in the core library.

You could try using this pull request: to see if that fixes it.

You could also try to contact the author of the quark, Ron Kuivila. I don’t believe they use this forum.