Is it possible to change the Reverb roomsize on a live node?

I am using a basic GVerb reverb synthdef and I have been trying to adjust the reverb roomsize whilst it is playing. It seems to burst into very unpleasant loud whitenoise, but much deeper (have I discovered Blacknoise?).

If anyone has achieved n_set adjustment of reverb roomsize please let me know how, otherwise I may have to try something different like stopping the node at one roomsize and creating another at a different roomsize.


From the help file:

  • Quick changes in roomsize result in zipper noise.
  • Changing the roomsize does not work properly! Still trying to look for the bug… (-josh)

So - here’s a story about what an old teacher told me while I was trying to debug this - imagine moving walls in a closed space in a matter of seconds. That moves a lot of air, even if the movement of those walls was silent, the change of space and air pressure will cause so crazy artifacts. That isn’t QUITE what you are hearing, but the modeling inside GVerb comes close. The sound you hear IS the size of the delay times and how they tap into the delay lines - all of them - changing. That causes all sorts of zipper noise that feeds into the system.
When I’ve done this in the past, I’ve made the effect you may want work by running two GVerb instance, and crossfade into the new one.

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