Is it possible to make a window "dockable"? into the IDE?


Quick GUI question, is there an easy way to make a window ‘dockable’ in the SC-IDE?
I wish I could wrap up the scopeView, the meterView and the s.makeGui (for the handy record and kill server buttons) in one neat dockable window. Can this be done?

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They are different processes, so it would be at best extremely difficult to add support for that. (It would require duplicating every SC widget in the IDE, and an interprocess communication scheme to handle essentially every graphics update and user action that is possible in every GUI widget – that’s hundreds of update types and dozens of user actions. It would be an intensive engineering effort and result in relatively sluggish GUIs. As a practical matter, I don’t expect anyone to take this on anytime soon.)


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I suspected it could be somewhat difficult but not outright mad crazy next to impossible. Thank you guiding me away from that foolish idea. Will stick to the .alwaysOnTop option i am using now.


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