Is it possible to resize ServerMeterView?

I have the ServerMeterView embedded in my GUI and it’s functionality is great, but I need to make it smaller. Is this possible?


Short answer, no.

Long answer:

I think that if you change some of the numbers in the sc file you can but it’s up to you. I’d definitely make a new class and not edit it directly since it’s meant to be a convenient and commonly used tool that you can just bring up as you like without writing out a GUI function.

The class file is set to automatically calculate size based on the number of inputs and outputs, but you could use what’s already there as a template and add height and width arguments to the rect sizes.

I would DEFINITELY go with making it a new class though and just copy over the arguments. Probably try it out as a function first so if you make a mistake the interpreter boot won’t fail.

Awesome! Thank you. I’ve just cloned the class and made some edits and it works. Thanks again!

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