Is there a bisect-equivalent function in SC?

Suppose I have a ordered list of items indexed by floating numbers (e.g. frequencies).
Is there a function/method in SC that would accept a floating number (e.g. a frequency) and return the item in the list with the closest index? Or do I have to write a bisect algorithm myself (not my preferred sport by any means)?

Not entirely sure I understand, but perhaps you are looking for this? SequenceableCollection | SuperCollider 3.12.2 Help

There are several methods there which do similar things.

Thanks for your answer, indexIn solved my problem, even though it seems a bit inelegant. But I may have misunderstood how to use it. Here is my use case:

myList = [ 0.0, 1.1173128526978, 2.0391000173077, 3.1564128700055, 3.8631371386483, 4.9804499913461, 5.9022371559561, 7.0195500086539, 8.1368628613517, 8.8435871299945, 10.175962878659, 10.882687147302 ]

myValue = 5.3

it seems I have to do something like this to get the closest number to myValue in myList:;

which indeed returns 4.9804499913461 as desired. I thought there would be a single step function,

Indeed there is: nearestInList is what I was looking for. Not sure how it works as there is no documentation, but it should be ok for my very limited purposes.