Is there a Master Slider control?

I want to have a master slider that controls other sets of sliders. Is there a quark or library which can do something like this:

a=12.collect({});;[\master: b , \group: a ]);

Right now, I’m doing it with a a looping task, but isn’t a task not performative?

There isn’t one, so I had a go at making a way to arm and gang buttons/sliders. The way to do this is:

I use bit flipping of a global number to indicate which control is armed. A control consists of an arm button, and other widgets that are needed to be controlled. There is a master set of group and control widgets. There are 3 groups A,B,C. So the global array of switches is globalswitches=Array.fill(3{0}); currentgroup=0 If there are 4 dependent sets, then globalswitches[0]= 0010 , indicates that dependent 2 is armed for group A.

To determine if a switch is on, globalswitches[1].bitAnd(1<<2)>>2 will give a 1 for enabled and 0 for disabled for group B and the third dependent set. i.e (1110 & 0100 ) >>2 == 1

To enable a bit flag, 1<<set , a shift left based on which set this is, and add to the globalswitches[ group ] and to disable, subtract from the flag switches.

With this in place, I can arm sets of controls, and have one master control to effect those that are armed. A fun thing to try out is to have a Slider2D and randomly arm different sets, and have those change the parameters of synths.