Is there a way to get Slider to not move?

Is there a way to stop the slider from moving when the user drags on it? Or should there be a a slider.set to reset itself back to the original value.i.e. the value has to be stored somewhere?

Do you just want to disable it:

w =;
c = NumberBox(w, Rect(20, 20, 150, 20));
a = Slider(w, Rect(20, 60, 150, 20))

You can still set it with a valueAction.

No not really, the slider is used to adjust a window. The range in which this window moves has an upper and lower bound. Moving the slider to the lower bound for instance, I want to limit the slider movement, which entails disabling if moving leftwards for example, but ok with moving towards the upperbound.

… while typing this, came up with this: the action code for the slider could check the value and set the value of the slider back to the lowest level.