Is there any way to have a Normal-Derivation inside a Synth

Hey Community,
I’m not abstinence of Super-Collider; But I have done very much of minor Projects with SuperCollider.
But new I’m having a tricky Problem with the creation of a SynthDef.
In a Synth-Project on my GitHub Page at IRCAM:

I need a from me so called Warmth Function.
This Function should realize the Deviation of Natural Instruments. In Because they ever sweep around the Parameters of a exact Physical Model of them. So this Deviation is commonly a Normal-Deviation.
My Problem is outside the Synth I would call easily anything like sum3rand.
But now I need this Distribution in a Synth.

So is there any Way Possibility or Workaround to achieve this.

Any Suggestions welcome


First thing is to find exactly what sum3rand does (which took a little digging):

(frand() + frand() + frand() - 1.5) * 0.666666667

  • frand() is 0 to 0.9999999…
  • So frand() + frand() + frand() may be as low as 0 and as high as (almost) 3.
  • - 1.5 shifts this range to +/- 1.5 (center at 0).
  • * 0.666667 pulls the range down to +/- 1.0.

So you can use the same formula with a server side random number UGen.

But actually a little easier because you can control the range of TRand, so it could be just:

var oneThird = 1/3, negThird = oneThird.neg;
var sum3rand = Array.fill(3, {, oneThird, trig) }).sum;

(Using variables to avoid repeating calculations.)


Very much Thanks,
this was the Solution I’m looking for.
It’s essay so I could use it for my Synth very powerful.


CreCo :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: