Issues playing back from buffer

Buffer is suddenly being picky about playback. Loading a buffer and playing it back immediately doesn’t seem to be a problem but loading as part of a synthdef is an example of how i’m having issues. Thinking I may have installed or uninstalled an extension that could be overriding something but other than uninstalling SC and reinstalling i’m not sure what to do. Also tried loading this and it returned empty:

~folder= "/Users/keenanmccracken/Desktop/mechc";  //edit this to point to a FOLDER with many soundfiles{|x|};
~buffers= (~folder+/+"*").pathMatch.collect{|x| Buffer.readChannel(s, x, channels:[0])};

This isn’t supported, don’t do it. The reason is to do with how the synthdef defines itself.

Buffer objects should not be created or modified within a SynthDef. If this is needed, see LocalBuf.

Perhaps you could post an example of playback and buffer allocation that demonstrates the undesirable behaviour?

Or do you mean that you do these things at the same time? If so, it could be that ids are slower to be allocated. If the ids are hard coded in the SynthDef (and not an arg) that would cause problems.

Josh Parmenter

yeah doing at the same time. reinstalled and all’s good