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One of the most intriguing SC projects from the last decade… http://www.ixi-audio.net/ixilang/

The homepage for the self-contained app, or the GitHub version for use directly within SC, both are “Cocoa only…” and so, only a legacy setup of SC & OS X will be able to run the direct calls to the graphics framework.

It has a sense of allure, from a distance…

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Still using some of the ixi apps on Windows. It’s a bummer they don’t work on OSX anymore.

There was an update of ixi lang in progress - I don’t know if it was ever finished.

I don’t see any reference to an ixi quarks update, however.

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Some people are still thinking about porting IXI Lang to modern live-coding interfaces. There was once an experiment to port IXI Lang to Sonic Pi. You can still try it if you open a modern version of Sonic Pi:

ixi_define :a do
  sample :bd_haus

ixi_define :b do
  sample :drum_cymbal_closed

use_bpm 120

ixi "foo1 -> |a  a  |"
ixi "foo2 -> |   b  |"

I think that it is pretty much it for describing this embedded IXI mode. I would love to try it inside SC, in the way it was intented to be used.

Interesting, ixi is one of the most in retrospect…

  • A live coding language. An extension to SuperCollider, currently Cocoa only.

Cocoa is explained on Apple’s developer’s page as “a set of object-oriented frameworks that provides a runtime environment for applications running in OS X and iOS.”


I’m currently stuck with an excellent laptop, however, one that is mostly geared towards using Windows…& I for one would be very interested regarding the true nature of:



I may be wrong, but I think this referred to the original GUI objects vs Swing. We used to refer to the first GUI as Cocoa (pre-Qt days)

Quarks.install("https://github.com/scztt/ixiQuarks.git", "topic/update-to-current-sc");

I fixed a few things keeping ixi from running on current SC, You can now launch by running XiiQuarks() - most of the UI seems like it’s working, and I can get sound out of a few instruments. I won’t probably work on this anymore, but please feel free to fix issues you find, I’m sure Thor would be happy to take a PR to his original repo.


The ixi apps that have been working well for me so far on Windows are Lauki, Tree, Shell and Slicer. I did have to make some system adjustments to get Shell working though. As for the rest of the apps I still need to download them and give them a try.