JPEG display on platforms besides OS X?

I see there’s a SCImage that can display JPEGs but it’s Mac-only. Is there a Qt equivalent (something other than the heavyweight WebView hopefully)?

See the Image class.


Maybe I need to update my Win SC installation… The example from the manual

i = +/+ "images/Swamp.png");

barfs “No redirection for Image available in the active GUI scheme: qt” and displays nothing. I guess it might work better on Linux (haven’t tried yet).

What version are you on?

GUI scheme redirection was removed some time ago, IIRC. As far as I can see, you shouldn’t be getting this message in current versions.


I got [Qt] Image working in 3.8… thankfully, since later SC versions don’t support FonaDyn without recompiling it. There are a number of gotchas using Qt Image, I’ll post an example later after I clean/comment the code a bit.

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