Klang.ar apostrophe

{Klang.ar(`[ [430, 810, 1050, 1220], [0.23, 0.13, 0.23, 0.13]], 1, 0)}.play

I was wondering if someone could explain the syntax that involves: `

What is this apostrophe for and is this used in other instances? is it like an array of an array?


It’s a Ref - Ref | SuperCollider 3.12.0 Help

Confused me for a while too!

I’m def going to wrap Klang and Klank so I can pass them arrays and have the refs made internally - remembering this is super annoying!

In the cited Ref help, there’s a hint as to the reason:

“Refs are most commonly used to prevent multi-channel expansion in SynthDefs and Patterns (see Klank for an example)”